How It Works

Solar Power Systems 

Grid Connect

Wi22th a grid connect system means that not only can you power your entire house but during those times when you create an excess of electricity, you can sell it back to the grid. An efficiently and correctly sized pv system will be able to reasonably create between 50 and 100% of your power and because of the grid conection system this means you may not have to pay for electricity ever again

Some technical Information

Simply put photovoltaic panels and other forms of solar energy work by converting some of the energy in sunlight into a clean form of electricity that can be used in our houses. The PV cells consist of a positive and a negative slice of silicon placed under a thin slice of glass. As the protons in the sunlight beats down onto the PV cell they knock the neutrons off the silicon. The negatively charged free neutrons are attracted to the silicon but are trapped by the magnetic field that is formed from the opposing fields. Small wires on the silicon catch these neutrons and when connected in a circuit an electric current is formed.

Solar Energy Storage Systems

  • Residential ESS is an energy-saving solution that can be used to connect power grid and photovoltaic systems to maximize energy savings. Storing solar energy in ESS enhances self-consumption.

This is especially beneficial to the end-user in times of ever-rising electricity bill. Additionally, residential ESS provides emergency energy power during power outage.

Here’s what some of our customers have to say

"Thanks for the great service and honest answers. We have not paid an electricity bill for 12 months and Energex are paying us."

− David from Margate

"I used Wide Bay Solar...I have a 2kw system.... So it would seem I will be recieving
a rebate and not a bill from Ergon"

− Ken (The Chronicle 20/01/2010)

"Thanks Wide Bay Solar. Great Service, Great Price and Great Advice"

− Michael from Murrarie